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Harwan Garden is located in harwan village and 19km away from Srinagar and is a very popular destination for tourists as well as locals derived from the Kashmiri word “Har” which means “Birds” and “Wan” which means “Jungle” and is one of the Mughal gardens

Harwan garden

The beauty of the harwan is unparallel to other gardens. It is respectively small to other gardens consisting of a canal bordered by beautiful chinar trees and mesmerizing flower beds which start from the lake in the middle of Dachigam National Park and Harwan garden Kashmir.

Harwan is known for Its natural beauty, calmness, and the greeny environment with the background beautiful Zebarwan range

harwan garden

Best time Visit Harwan Garden

The best times to visit Harwan are:

Summer(March – July)

This is the perfect place to visit in the summer. If you want to beat the heat and enjoy the summer.

Harwan garden has many chinar trees which serve as natural air conditioners. Aside from that, the closeness to the mountains makes it a perfect spot for relaxation and meditation. Many Tourists from all over the world visit this garden to experience its beauty and oneness to nature. Local families and couples also come to enjoy the coolness of harwan and are mostly crowded

Autumn( September to October)

In this season everything turns golden and that is something worth remembering for the rest of your life.

This is my favorite time to visit as everything is golden and chinar leaves rushing down from above provide you with the moment you won’t ever forget!

How To Reach Harwan Garden?


28 km from Srinagar Airport to Harwan garden Kashmir.


27 Km from the railway station


18 Km from TRC Srinagar

Things To Do At Harwan Garden

  • Meditation
  • Visit Dachigam National Park
  • Visit Ancient Stupa
  • Sightseeing

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